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Custom e-commerce solutions



Reason why


  • fast core
  • small back end
  • modules
  • cloud based


  • PHP, YII, less, mysql, nosql, javascript, SOAP
  • responsive design for administration and front end as well


  • agile development
  • growing team
  • fast development of any new features

Why not start a project from scratch?

Development from scratch

Development based on sellio

Start with us, we spend thousands of hours on development; we just add your custom functionality.

Save money and invest your time in marketing and business development.


  • intuitive interface
  • payments
  • packages
  • invoices
  • articles and pages
  • tags and categories
  • user management
  • user profiles and messages
  • transaction emails
  • maps integration
  • social network connect
  • stock management
  • onpage SEO
  • banner system
  • connection to social networks and cloud based apps
  • stock managment
  • coupons
  • product variants
  • statistics
  • filters
  • parametres
  • import and export
  • and more

Additional services

  • Branding
  • Product development
  • Mobile apps development
  • Webdesign
  • Front end programming
  • Copywriting
  • Technical support
  • Consultancy

Successful startups based on Sellio

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